Gluten Free Oats Flour



DIET The Best Part about our Gluten Free Oats Flour is that it’s specifically designed to be made of all kinds of diet like Vegan, Low Calorie, Kosher, Diabetic and High Protien Diets as we promote no discrimination

QUALITY It is made from 100% Natural Gluten Free Rolled Oats. We select the best raw grains carefully and post that only flour is packaged keeping in mind your health and nutrition

TASTE Our product has a wholesome, sweet and subtle grain flavour. The rotis made out of it turn out to be super soft and delicious just like your regular wheat rotis

Health Benefits Our Oats Flour is super low in calories, Gluten Free, high in fiber, eases constipaton, promotes heart health and regulates blood sugar levels

How To Use Our Gluten Free Oats Flour can be replaced with all or part of your wheat flour, to make any of your favourite roti, bread, dosa, pancake and waffles


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