Chamomile Tea


What is Chamomile Tea Our Chamomile Tea is made from natural Chamomile Flowers where we directly source dried chamomile flowers from the farmers and pack them in a sterlized and controlled environment

Health Benefits A daily cup of Chamomile Tea as bed time drink will not only stimulate weight loss but also reduce bloating to great extent and cure your depressing thoughts. It soothes and relaxes you and helps you fall asleep with a calm mind. It is a gift for women as it reduces menstural pain

How To Use Steep a teaspoon of Chamomile flowers in hot water in a mug. Cover it with saucer and wait for 5-10 minutes and enjoy your daily drink with us

Taste Chamomile Tea has liitle notes of apple along with melow sweetness. It mouthfeels silky and still stays as a delicate and clean herbal floral tea. It feels exceptionally soothing from the very first sip 

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