Anand Iyer

“I am Anand Iyer. I used to be 117 kgs because I ate lots of meals from outside (especially lunch 3-4 times a week) with the office team. 4-6 cups of coffee in a day. Loved to have beer on weekends especially and hence I decided to lose weight. Firstly I consulted a dietician so that I could plan a proper diet. And I was so lucky that I got the best dietician, who helps you to lose weight by making you eat and stay healthy. I have lost 24 Kgs in just 3 months. Thanks a lot Sheena ma’am.”

Bhumi Arora

“Being a mom can be the most fulfilling role you’ll ever have, taking time for self-care wasn’t easy. It is even more difficult but I am grateful to Dt Sheena ma’am for helping me to reduce my weight in such a short duration. Her diet plan is very easy to follow.
I was 78 kgs and lost 10 Kgs in 2 months and have still managed to keep it off.”

Swati Agrawal

“When I was watching myself in the mirror and feeling of improvement I can see on my body
is speechless. I have been living in the USA for decades. I have started consultations from the reference of my Sister-In-Law, I’m a working women, Very Less Time for Cooking, Huge Appetite (Used to take 2000-3000 calories in one meal only)
With the help of Dt. Sheena I have lost 21 Kgs in 2 Months and now I’m able to participate in Marathons again.”

Inal Chaudhary

“I am Inal Chaudhary from Gandhinagar Gujarat, I used to be 76 kgs. Health issues were my primary reason for weight loss. I was suffering from PCOD and had C – Section delivery 1 year ago. I was advised by my doctor to consult a nutritionist. Sheena ma’am gave me a diet plan that suited my daily routine and allowed me to eat healthy and tasty foods without compromising on my medical condition. Because of her I’m able to lose postpartum weight easily without any exercise and got rid of my evening cravings too.”

Gunjan Singh

“I am so thankful to have found such a kind and compassionate nutritionist. I wanted to lose weight without stepping foot in a gym. I have lost 12 Kgs in 2 months only and I’m surprised with the results. Thank you so much Sheena Ma’am. My weight loss journey is very easy. I have done weight loss in spite of eating my favorite foods like Briyani, Rajma Chawal.”

Komal Bajaj

“I am Komal Bajaj. I’m an Air Hostess. I have always been fit and healthy because of my profession. I found extra kilos creeping on, that I couldn’t get rid of because of my busy schedule and I have to travel a lot. I am very happy that I found her, she’s the best Dietitian. She taught me to eat without thinking of weight gain. Thank you so much for the lovely diet. My starting weight is 55 Kgs and ending weight is 50 Kgs.”

Meena Parekhr

“It was a great experience following the advice of Dt. Sheena. I was overweight and I had Knee Ligament Surgery and was not able to do any kind of exercise. My dietitian helped me to reduce my weight without doing any physical activity. Through a healthy diet plan I have lost 25 Kgs.”


“My name is Mounica, I’m from Qatar and I want to lose weight because of my medical reasons. I’m suffering from PCOD and Sinus. I thought I wouldn’t be able to lose weight all because of my PCOD problem, but with the help of Dietitian Sheena it has become possible. I was 92 kgs and lost 11 kgs. in 2 months. I thank her deeply for inspiring me.”

Neha Tripathi

“I was overweight, I had gained extra kilos after 2 kids. I was depressed because of my weight. I went to her so that I could plan a proper diet. And I was so lucky she’s a highly knowledgeable dietitian. I was around 77 kgs when I started seriously thinking about weight loss and now as a result I have lost 13 kgs in a few months. The diet she recommends is so easy to do. Today after 2 months I have come back to my original size. Thanks to her.”

Nisha Senan

“I’m a School Teacher at Ghaziabad. I have a sweet tooth, I can’t resist chocolate, cake and candies from an early age. I have medical issues – Thyroid and Insulin Resistance. I’m very happy with my progress. Thanks for your guidance, you helped me lose 9 Kgs in 2 months only.”

Priya Agarwal

 “I have been totally blown away by the results of following Sheena’s personalized nutrition plan. I always crave for snacks like Samosa in the evening. Spicy Food Cravings. Do not like to eat leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach. I have a sleeping disorder (Insomnia). Used to sleep by 3 p.m. After consulting her, everything changed. I am eating much healthier and much more aware about my health. I was 5 XL, I came to XXL and I am really happy.”

Tanya Guwalami

“My experience with Dt Sheena was amazing. I’ve reached my target and I’m very happy with your diet, so I think 3 months were very good for the kind of transformation I wanted. And I’ve been receiving endless compliments from everyone. You’ve really made something happen, which I thought was impossible. Big Thanks
I have lost 10kgs, I can’t thank her enough for improving my way of life and making me healthier.”

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